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What is Camp Beyond Camp?

Camp Beyond Camp’s online  design  eliminates the need for teachers to design lessons that link the outdoor education camp experience to the classroom. 

We work with each camp and school to develop lessons that connect camp experiences to classroom learning. Personalized lessons are designed for each school based on the activities the students participated in at camp. 

Our partnership with each camp ensures our courses do not overlap but enhance the camp’s lessons.  Students are able to access the camp experience throughout the year as opposed to just a few days.


Accessible from anywhere 

Camp Beyond Camp’s mission is to eliminate a drain on school and camp resources.  Our online classes allow students to access our courses on computers, tablets and smart phones.  This means parents can also see the cool things their child experienced at camp.




What We Do

Designed for 21st century learning

Camp Beyond Camp provides an extension of experiential learning to the classroom. Our curriculum is aligned to Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), Common Core State Standards (CCSS), Environmental Principles & Concepts (EP&Cs) and optimized for online learning modalities.

Monitoring progress


Throughout the online program, student progress is monitored by Camp Beyond Camp professionals and reported to the school. 

Building connections

 Being at camp is being somewhere. Help students build on that sense of place when they return home by connecting their classroom learning to the outdoor experiences they had at camp.   

“…students explore their curiosity…”

At camp

Extend your impact after students return home! Camp Beyond Camp works with your staff to develop lessons based on your program. Pre-camp activities help prepare campers and parents for the best experience. Post-camp activities let students explore their curiosity by building on camp experiences and helping connect ideas back home once students return to their schools and communities.


With teachers

Students should have the ability to continue their outdoor education lessons after they return home. We are dedicated to extending camp experiences beyond camp, mountains, trees and streams to the classroom. Camp Beyond Camp partners with camp staff to ensure our lessons are a seamless extension of your camp experience.

In schools

Students participate in short, online lessons that both prepare them for their camp experience and support learning after they return to school. Camp Beyond Camp activities are aligned to Next Generation Science Standards, Common Core, and the Environmental Principles and Concepts to help schools meet learning goals. Camp Beyond Camp monitors student progress and reports to the school—minimizing the impact on teachers’ valuable time. Schools can be as involved as they choose.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can this replace my science class?

No, Camp Beyond Camp’s Program is not intended to replace state regulated classes.  Our goal is to enrich the camp experience while minimizing the impact for teachers and camps.

How do students access the program?

Camp Beyond Camp is an online program students may access from tablet, computer or smartphone. Absolutely no software is required. 

What about my students who cannot come to camp?

While we believe students benefit the most by attending the camp we do understand certain circumstances arise where this is not possible.  Camp Beyond Camp provides scholarships for all students who attend camp.  A student who is unable to attend may access the program but at a higher rate.

What is your privacy policy?

The online platform we use is Schoology.  We follow their privacy policy which may be viewed at https://www.schoology.com/privacy.  

How do I know if my school or camp is a partner of Camp Beyond Camp?

All students age 13 and under require parent or guardian permission.  You may ask your camp or school directly or email us at info@campbeyondcamp.com.

What is the cost for my child to participate?

The cost to the parent depends on each school and camp.  Please contact your child’s teacher.

My camp would like to partner with Camp Beyond Camp, who do I contact and what is this cost?

If you are interested in offering the program to your students, please email info@campbeyondcamp.com or call our office at (951) 414-1000.

Meet the Team





Tess Fife


 Tess has over 20 years of experience in public education.  Her experiences vary from classroom teacher to school leader to college professor.  One of her professional cornerstones is to meet and teach all students where they are.  She has successfully used distance learning in the traditional school setting is now combining her creativity with her second passion – the love for outdoor education and the environment.



Elizabeth Hueter-Willoughby

CoFounder/Curriculum Specialist

Elizabeth joined the Camp Beyond Camp team as soon as the idea was created.  Her lifetime experience in camping and outdoor education is unmatched.  Elizabeth earned her B.S. in Environmental Science.  Her knowledge and passion for the great outdoors makes her an undeniable asset for your students.



Briana Mayeda


Briana recently joined our team and is an outstanding educator with her Master of Education in Language and Literacy from Harvard University.  Briana has a strong commitment to life-long learning and experience as an elementary school teacher.

Sarah “Willow” Foglesong
Curriculum Specialist

Sarah has a long history of attending and working in camps as a counselor, naturalist, administrator as well as in marketing & fundraising.  Sarah has her Masters in Education and is currently a Professor at Prescott College.

Michael Schneck

Curriculum Design


Our Partners

The Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics is a national organization that protects the outdoors by teaching and inspiring people to enjoy it responsibly. The Center accomplishes this mission by delivering cutting-edge education and research to millions of people across the country every year.

“Pathfinder Ranch is an independent non-profit Retreat & Conference Center as well as Summer Camp and Science and Outdoor Education School. Since 1964, we have remained committed to providing youth from diverse backgrounds with affordable camping programs. We believe every kid should have the opportunity to be a camper.”

Murrieta Elementary School

Murrieta Elementary became Camp Beyond Camp’s first school during the Spring of 2018.  Murrieta students have been attending Pathfinder Ranch for More than 20 years and are comprised of a passionate and committed teachers and leadership team.

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