Connecting Outdoor Education Camps & Schools

Dedicated to Expanding Student Learning

Camp Beyond Camp provides a unique opportunity for students who have attended camp so they may explore their curiosity and lessons long after returning home.  We partner with camp staff and schools to keep the excitement of camp alive through online lessons individualized for each camp & school!  

We Design & Monitor Student Learning

Camp Beyond Camp consultants design short classes and activities aligned with EP & C's, NGSS & Common Core Standards.    

Your time is valuable!  Camp Beyond Camp monitors student progress & reports to the school.  Schools may be as involved as they choose.

Camp Beyond Camp Removes Barriers Helping Camps & Schools Do What They Do Best - Teach!

We develop distance learning programs which are personalized for EVERY CAMP & SCHOOL!

If you are attending camp who does not offer this service, please let us know and we will reach out to both you and the camp.